Benjamin F. Gaines

Managing Director


As Managing Director, Mr. Gaines brings more than 30 years of recruiting experience in the biotech, pharmaceutical, financial, and senior-level legal markets to Abstone Lalley DeNio, Inc.

Prior to Abstone Lalley DeNio, Inc., Mr. Gaines served as the Founder and President of one of the most prominent and well-respected recruiting firms on the West Coast. Additionally, he developed a search and research firm with a primary focus on the San Francisco Bay Area’s emerging biotech market.

From mid-size to Fortune 50 companies, Mr. Gaines’ representation has included C-suite and other senior-level executives. He is frequently sought out for his expertise in advising top-tier biotech companies throughout the world. During the early 2000s, Mr. Gaines developed a clinical research group, which provided domestic and global consulting services to biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Mr. Gaines has developed an impeccable reputation for advising clients on their hiring and retention efforts, developing and sustaining strong client relationships, and offering career guidance and counseling to candidates. He continues to offer guidance to individuals supported by San Francisco Bay Area’s non-profit biotech organizations on the industry’s performance and trends.

Mr. Gaines was a communications major at the University of Wisconsin and continued his education through University of California extension courses in biotechnology. Mr. Gaines is a long-time supporter of PBS, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. He enjoys biking, traveling, playing the flute, and cultivating carnivorous plants, orchids, and fruit trees.

Lateral partner recruiting; Biotechnology industry
Alma Mater
University of Wisconsin, University of California
In his spare time
Biking along the Monterey Bay; observing whales, dolphins, and other sea life; cultivating carnivorous plants; and traveling